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How to compare Utilita prices with Business Energy UK

Are you searching for information on the best energy providers in the UK? You've come to the right place!

This article gives you all the information you need to make an intelligent decision on switching your energy supply to Utilita Energy. There are plenty of reasons you might think of switching, including price, convenience, contracts, and environmental concerns.

The company you finally choose will probably serve one or more of your values better than the others. That's why one energy provider might be the perfect fit for someone but the wrong commitment for someone else.

Utilita works slightly differently from the traditional big six energy providers. They are more focused on the pay-as-you-go market (PAYG) and don't offer quite so many traditional tariffs and contracts.

Who is Utilita Business?

Britain has several big energy suppliers, including British Gas, Scottish Power and SSE. This was also the case back in 2003 when Bill Bullen decided to give British consumers another option.

Utilita Energy was born and today provides thousands of British businesses with energy. The difference between Utilita Energy and the other big energy companies is the pricing - they primarily offer a PAYG (pay as you go) service, giving business customers another option.

Bill Bullen, the company's founder, wanted to give British customers and businesses a better service and a fairer deal for their energy - these are Utilita Energy's core values.

Utilita business electricity rates and tariffs

Electricity tariffs vary across Britain depending on the region, the energy supply costs, and the energy company that supplies your business. In most cases, you will pay a fixed rate tariff or a variable rate tariff - a PAYG tariff is not as common.

Utilita is primarily a PAYG energy company meaning you can top up your electricity as and when it's required, this means the company has a slightly different approach to tariffs than the big six energy providers.

Businesses might be sceptical of a PAYG tariff because it seems less reliable; however, there are some clear advantages. A PAYG tariff allows a business to closely monitor its energy usage and pare down its costs - this also contributes to zero-carbon efforts.

Fixed-rate contract

The majority of contracts offered by Utilita are pay-as-you-go contracts with no exit fee.

The price you pay for your unit rate electricity in the duration of the PAYG top-up contract might vary based on the supply costs and the market conditions, but you won't have a fixed-term contract to manage.

That said, fixed-term contracts exist with Utilita, mainly for business customers. A fixed-term contract can be cancelled with 30 days notice, but a termination fee needs to be paid.

Most of Utilita's contracts don't have any exit fees, there's no need for those because the supply simply ends if the power is not topped up.

Variable-rate contract

Utilita's variable-rate contract is called the Smart Energy Tariff. This uses a threshold system to help customers spread the cost of their energy across the month.

After the customer crosses the monthly unit rate energy usage threshold -currently 2kWh - they switch from unit rate 1 to unit rate 2 and pay a bit more for their electricity in the PAYG top-up model.

Deemed or out of contract rates

Since the majority of tariffs offered by Utilita are PAYG, there is no need for out of contract rates. The energy supply simply stops. That's not always the case with other suppliers.

Deemed rates exist for businesses that don't have a pre-arranged contract with Utilita. These rates are charged daily as a standing charge, but with a different night rate and a different rate for evenings and weekends.

Additional Utilita business contract information

Today, efficiency means using your electricity more intelligently in your business. It's become necessary, not only for reducing your energy costs but also for reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a low-carbon world.

Utilita can help your business to achieve its green energy goals with smart meters. This not only helps reduce the money you spend on power, but it also lets you pass savings on to your customers and supports the green intentions of your brand.

Smart meters to monitor energy usage

A Utilita smart meter is a small electronic device that looks like a handheld computer console. Switch on the device and you will get a user-friendly display of options relating to your business's energy usage. From this dashboard, you can see what your energy usage is and how much you are spending.

Using this data, you can optimise your business to consume less energy and save more money. For example, if you need to buy more electricity or gas, you can use the smart meter. It connects to an app and your online account, so you can top it up whenever it's convenient.

How to switch your business energy supplier to Utilita

Congratulations, you've decided to change your business energy supply and accept a better deal on your energy.

If Utilita is the business you have chosen, you'll want to know how to change your supplier and how long it takes to deliver. As with many energy providers today, moving to Utilita is pretty painless.

First, contact Utilita using their online contact details. Then, you can make the change on the phone or through chat or email. The only thing you need to do is submit meter readings in case any debt needs to be transferred over when you set up your new customers account.

As a business, you should be eligible for some fixed-term contract options, so consider these when making the change. Otherwise, you can also use a PAYG top-up supply which is what Utilita does best.

After switching, you have 14 days to cancel by phone; otherwise, you need to write a cancellation letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Utilita is now a trusted energy provider in the UK. Their mission has always been to offer business customers a better deal than Britain's big six.

They have had some success over the years and now supply thousands of UK businesses with electricity and gas. But does that make them a "good" business energy supplier?

Recent Trustpilot reviews show that business rates are "great" or "excellent" in the eyes of existing customers and despite Ofgem's statistical findings, Utilita's services remain popular.

There are four ways you can contact Utilita, which perhaps contributes to their excellent customer service protocol.

First, you can telephone them using a number that's easy to find on the website, when you call them, you are put through to a customer care agent who can talk to you about their services.

Utilita also offers modern approaches to contacting them, such as chat facilities. Chat facilities are uncomplicated and efficient, they allow you to resolve issues quickly and improve the productivity of your business.

An email is also an option, although this takes a while longer.

Utilita is founded on core values that aim to provide UK business customers with cheaper energy than the big six. These values have remained the same since the business was founded in 2003.

When you change to Utilita, you can expect to pay a lower energy rate for standard power; but they also offer ways to make your business more efficient and more environmentally responsible.

The focus of Utilita is top-up energy payments, this is advantageous because it allows you to track your energy consumption and optimise your business to consume less. In addition, their smart meters work well.

Most online data for Utilita is positive and compares favourably with other energy companies in terms of percentage scores and review numbers.

Their Trustpilot score is a 4.2 rating from 37,292 reviews; this is around 84% positive.

In comparison to other energy businesses in the sector, Utilita is competitive with good saving potential. The top companies are Outfox the Market, Octopus Energy, and Avro Energy, with customer scores of 82%, 80%, and 76%, respectively.

Utilita comes in at number 12 with a 68% customer score.