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How to compare SSE energy prices with Business Energy UK

Today, the majority of commercial energy is produced by burning fossil fuels, but with emerging technologies and more demand for renewables, most utility organisations are changing their focus and supplying more power from wind farms.

It is not only commercial consumers who are interested in switching energy today; governments and utility organisations are offering incentives to change their energy suppliers and work towards a low carbon world.

Some utility organisations are more serious about this than others. SSE is one of the leading names for renewable utilities in the UK.

Who is SSE?

They are a leading energy company in the UK and can trace its heritage back 80 years to the advent of power north of the border - in Scotland.

In 1942 the first Hydro-electric Board was formed, and the first power was channelled into the highlands. From then on, scores of hydroelectric dams have been built to provide utilities to remote locations.

But things have changed since 1943, and its energy today has expanded.

In 1948 the southern power board was set up to provide utilities to areas in the south. These two operations merged in 1998 and created one of the most significant utility companies in the UK.

SSE was born and today produces large quantities of renewable energy. In 2020, they sold their domestic UK power company to OVO Energy to focus more on commercial supplies and creating a low-carbon world. Now, SSE Energy Solutions provides business energy.

SSE business electricity rates and tariffs

As with most major utility companies, SSE has energy rates and tariffs to suit a broad range of commercial needs. Choose from fixed-rate tariffs, variable rate tariffs, and deemed rates.

If you're unsure what your tariff should be, contact them to find out, they can run a diagnostic on your company and give you an idea of what you currently pay.

This will help you make the most intelligent decision when taking on a new utility deal.

Fixed-rate contract

SSE offers fixed-rate tariffs that are particularly useful to small businesses. With a fixed-rate tariff, you always know what your bills will total which helps you forecast more accurately and stabilises your company.

All fixed price tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity as standard.

With a fixed price 2-year utility deal, you are guaranteed no price rises for the duration of your agreement - you get fixed unit prices and non-commodity costs.

These fixed prices are available for up to four years. You also receive a smart thermostat, a smart meter, and 100% SSE renewables. There is usually an early exit fee on fixed-price utilities.

Variable-rate contract

If the idea of a fixed agreement with an exit fee doesn't appeal to you, it might be better to opt for a variable rate agreement. SSE has energy offers for variable rates suitable for those wishing to optimise their power to suit daily usage costs.

A variable-rate supply lets you buy your commercial energy in increments to adjust your consumption and costs helping you streamline your company and improve your bottom line - this is based around a 100% renewable gas and electricity supply.

With a fully flexible rate, you will notice your gas and electricity unit price rising and falling with each passing month. This is at the discretion of your supplier and is usually based on supply costs.

With SSE you get access to live market prices for transparency and to help with cost control.

Deemed or out of contract rates

SSE also has deemed or out-of-contract rates for companies that have failed to renew their utility agreements, this can happen when a company is moving premises.

Since no deal is agreed on utilities, you shift to a default charge.

If your utilities are supplied by SSE Energy, they will charge you their variable company rates until you contact them and arrange a suitable deal.

Additional SSE business contract information

Most companies want to reduce their bottom line, and infrastructure costs like electricity and gas are top of the list. Still, it's not always easy to keep on top of the latest utility tariffs and switch when necessary.

SSE offers an Energy Performance deal (EPC) that can streamline your company and optimise its performance.

Most companies realise that they could operate more efficiently, but they don't want to spend large sums on the upfront costs associated with upgrading.

So an SSE EPC deal helps you pare down your utility consumption using SSE resources, meeting efficiency challenges, and saving money.

How to make SSE Energy Solutions your business energy supplier

Switching your company's power across to SSE is an excellent idea if you want to reduce your carbon emissions and tailor your company with an EPC deal or something similar.

It's also very easy to switch your supplier; the process usually takes around three weeks to complete.

First, take a look at all the commercial tariffs available from SSE and decide which one suits your company best.

A fixed-rate 12-month or 24-month deal is a good option for businesses because it gives you a reliable bottom line to work from. An EPC deal also helps you optimise your company's power.

Sign up for an SSE deal, and you start the switching process on the same day. You have 14 days from the sign-up day to change your mind.

SSE will then contact your existing supplier and change the provider. You don't have to do anything else - you will receive a confirmation letter in due course.

Frequently Asked Questions

SSE Energy are undoubtedly a good power supplier but it is not always the best value for money!

On average, businesses rate the company with three stars across areas such as bill accuracy, bill clarity, customer services, and complaints handling.

Still, they are very big on renewable power and offer some excellent deals to help create a low-carbon world.

There are various ways to contact SSE Energy Solutions.

First, you can contact them through the website by finding the best customer service number for your query and calling a dedicated customer team. Ther is also an emergency number to call.

Second, you can use an online contact form with a drop-down menu to send a message to the correct team. SSE has several dedicated teams ready to handle enquiries.

When you sign up for a variable tariff agreement, the gas and electricity supplier has the means to change your current cost, but most often, this cost is determined by the market cap.

So naturally, if the cost of electricity goes down, the savings will be passed on to users to make them more competitive - you can find all the latest news on the website.

According to Trustpilot, SSE receives highly favourable reviews overall. 75% of users have rated the company excellent, with 11% rating them as "bad".

From the comments, it's clear that they provide a helpful, friendly, and efficient customer experience to support users; they have very few low scores in online reviews.

It's a good idea to switch your commercial energy supplier to SSE if you're interested in excellent deals on renewable energy and savings that can be passed on to your customers.