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The business energy market is in constant flux, so do not miss your opportunity to stay abreast of all the latest business energy developments, such as new energy regulations, market announcements, and industry events.

Do credit scores affect business energy prices?

Credit scores have a strong correlation with the energy prices offered to your business.

Half Hourly Meters Explained

Learn about how a half-hourly meter can reduce your electricity prices and how the information is collected.

What are MPAN and MPRN numbers?

You can locate your MPAN and MPRN at your business premises. Here's how.

The Complete Guide to Business Energy Deemed Contracts

This guide explains what deemed contracts are as well as how to avoid them.

No Standing Charge Tariffs for Businesses Explained

Learn about no-standing charge tariffs from Business Energy UK. 

Multi-site business energy meters explained

Learn how multi-site meters help businesses reduce costs and save time.

UK Wholesale energy prices explained

Wholesale energy markets generally fluctuate depending on demand from domestic and business users.

What is the Climate Change Levy (CCL)?

The Climate Change Levy is an environmental tax charged on the energy that businesses use.

What is the Ofgem regulation P272?

The implementation of P272 will change the way electricity is charged to businesses in profile classes 05-08.

What is a Letter Of Authority (LOA)?

To have an energy consultant or broker act on your behalf, your business will need to sign an authorisation letter.

A Complete Guide To Renewable Energy For Businesses

By developing renewable energy sources, your business can save energy and help the environment.

A Business Owner's Guide To Economy 7

The latest advice on Economy 7 tariffs can be found here.