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How to compare EON energy prices with Business Energy UK

When switching your business energy provider to a new supplier, the sheer number of energy companies available can make the process a long and arduous one; after all, each of the dedicated energy specialists has its own tariffs, prices and selling points.

On that theme, if you're considering moving your business energy supply to EON, but aren't quite sure if it's the best option for your business, here at Business Energy UK, our experts have assembled a guide to EON's services so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

On this page, we'll explore features such as the tariffs available, renewable electricity and smaller considerations, such as whether the company accepts the use of a prepayment meter. Essentially, it's EON explained in depth.

However, before we contemplate minutiae, let's register a bit more information about the energy company itself.

Who is EON?

EON is one of the largest energy providers in the UK and owns a multitude of power stations, biomass plants and wind farms.

Part of the German EON SE family, it provides power to roughly 3.8 million homes and businesses across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Moreover, following its assimilation of Innogy, the parent company of Npower, this number is only set to grow.

With this growing influence noted, it's important to note that this business energy supplier harbours ambitions to lead the way in the transition to renewable electricity and energy on a global scale. As a consequence of that endeavour, EON also provides solar panels and electric vehicle charging points right across the UK.

Thus, if you're a business owner looking to prepare your company for life in a green future, EON could provide a progressive, renewable electricity option for you.

So, what tariffs are available for those willing to make the switch?

EON business electricity rates and tariffs

Fixed-rate contract

EON has 4 types of fixed-rate tariffs and while they each have their differences, they all adhere to the same template:

  • The price of your energy bill won't change. Thus, business owners needn't worry about market price fluctuations.
  • Smart meter installation included. However, if a meter cannot be fitted, customers can still sign up for a fixed-rate contract.
  • Eligibility rules apply.

Individually, the 4 fixed tariffs break down as follows:

Fix Online v46

  • Available exclusively online.
  • Customers qualify for 25% off boiler cover.
  • Customers can pay via means of direct debit and by doing so qualify for a discount.
  • Customers can manage their accounts online.
  • Customers receive smart meter installation.
  • Tariff exit fees apply - Electricity (£30), Gas (£30).

Fix 1 Year v8

  • Fixed prices for 1 year.
  • No exit fees apply.
  • Direct debit discount available.
  • Customers receive smart meter installation.

Fix 2 Year v13

  • Provides fixed prices for 2 years.
  • No exit fees apply.
  • Direct debit discount available.
  • Customers receive smart meter installation.

EON Charge v3

  • An exclusive that tariff is solely available for customers who own electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • 12 months.
  • Direct debit discount available.
  • Customers receive 850 EV charging station reward.
  • Customers gain EV ownership.
  • Fixed, direct debit monthly payment.
  • Customers receive smart meter installation.
  • Tariff exit fees apply - Electricity (£30), Gas (£30).

If you'd like to find out more about the intricacies of the EON's fixed-rate tariffs or how they compare to that of other suppliers, you can use the Business Energy UK business electricity comparison tool.

Variable-rate contract

EON has 2 types of variable rate contracts, both of which have no contract end date and no exit fees.

EON EnergyPlan

  • The EnergyPlan is only available if you pay through direct debit or when you receive your bill.
  • No exit fees apply.
  • Prices aren't fixed.
  • The contract has no set expiry date.
  • Direct debit discount available.

EON EnergyPlan Assist

  • The EnergyPlan Assist is only available to customers who have a credit meter and have received a Home Discount payment from EON between October 2016 - March 2019.
  • No exit fees apply.
  • The contract has no set expiry date.
  • Prices aren't fixed.

Deemed or out of contract rates

As with all energy suppliers, EON's deemed or out of contract rates are higher than its typical contracted rates.

What's more, they're also liable to change these rates at any time so it's important to negotiate a new contract with EON before or once your current tariff has expired or to arrange a transfer to a new provider forthwith.

It's also worth noting that if you have an outstanding balance to pay on your EON account, it may object you from transferring until the payment is made.

Additional EON business contract information

Before you opt to switch to one of EON's energy plans, here are a few more useful pieces of information for you to consider.

Sell Energy Back to the Grid

If your company has on-site energy generation systems, such as solar panels, then EON can help you generate extra revenue by selling that energy back to the national grid.

Easy Energy Management

With the help of EON Optimum, and with access to the online account bill viewer, customers can manage their meter readings with precision and thus adapt their usage to save on future bills.

Electric Vehicle Charging

EON will install EV charging stations to help your company and staff can achieve ongoing sustainability targets.

Risk Management

Through its energy consultancy, EON can help your company manage its energy use and optimise its outlays to become increasingly sustainable.

How to get your electricity supplied by EON

If you would like to have your gas and/or electricity supplied by EON, here's what you should do to complete the switch.

  1. Ensure that the contract with your current supplier has elapsed or is its end is imminent.
  2. If not, make sure you are willing to pay the exit fee(s).
  3. Ensure that you pay any arrears remaining on your current suppliers' account.
  4. Inform your current provider and EON of your decision to switch, providing the necessary details to both parties (business name, address, average annual energy usage etc.).
  5. EON will then contact your provider and arrange the transition to your new deal.
  6. You'll receive a final bill to pay from your old supplier and then EON will take over your energy provision thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of the UK's dedicated energy specialists has its own plus points and drawbacks. The key is to find the best energy companies for your needs and select a provider from there.

Recent polls suggest that energy customers ranked EON alongside SSE for factors such as bill clarity, customer service and the handling of complaints.

Likewise, EON was rated as a higher value for money than the likes of SSE, however, some customers have reported difficulty contacting EON either through their online account, via e-mail or telephone.

Similarly, while EON is dedicated to leading the global transition into sustainable and renewable electricity and energies, as of 31st March 2020, only 10.2% of their energy is generated via renewable means, while over 70% is generated through the burning of natural gas.

Thus, whether EON is good compared to other dedicated energy specialists depends on what you hope to gain from your supplier.

They are committed to achieving greater renewable electricity certificates and have a satisfactory record with customer service, bill clarity and complaints handling. However, there is still room for improvement across most areas.

Energy customers can contact EON via various means. If EON is already your UK energy provider, you can get in touch through your online EON account or through the live chat function on their website.

If you'd prefer to speak to a member of the EON team directly, you can also call them between 9 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday, on 0345 052 0000.

EON's price tariffs are rated as acceptable - not cheap but not expensive.

However, to truly discover if the company can help lower your energy bill and save you money, you can use the Business Energy UK electricity and gas suppliers comparison tools to compare your current meter readings with those charged by all the other companies available.

EON customer reviews are generally positive. Third-party review site Trustpilot currently has EON registered as 3.5/5 from 30,000 customer reviews.

In particular, the company has received praise for its installation of smart meters and solar panels and the customer service provided therein.

However, some customers state that there is room for improvement, particularly with regards to its communication.