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Why compare Gazprom prices with Business Energy UK?

Business leaders across the UK and, indeed, the world are waking up to the idea that to future-proof both their companies and the planet, they need to move their energy provision to greener, more sustainable sources.

With that in mind, as energy suppliers fight to stay relevant and make their own transition to greener pastures, suppliers such as Gazprom Energy are looking to help businesses reach their carbon goals as part of their own sustainability journey.

Thus, when considering where to switch your business energy provision to, Gazprom Energy is a supplier worthy of your consideration.

However, before committing your gas and electricity needs to Gazprom, it's important to ensure that they're the right supplier for your business.

With that in mind, the experts at Business Energy UK have explored Gazprom Energy in greater detail below.

Who are Gazprom Energy?

Gazprom Energy (of the parent company Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd.) is a Russian state-owned energy supplier based in St Petersburg.

Globally, it produces 13% of all gas and holds the world's largest natural gas reserves. As a result, the company provides business gas, electricity and, crucially, increasingly green energy to a wide range of businesses.

In fact, Gazprom Energy is the biggest business gas supplier in the UK, providing energy to over 60,000 business energy customers.

On that note, like many established energy companies, Gazprom historically sourced the vast majority of its energy from the burning of fossil fuels. However, more recently, its business model has started to demonstrate a shift towards renewable energies.

Now, while Gazprom doesn't claim to (currently) produce entirely renewable energy, it does offer:

  1. 100% renewable electricity by matching a client's electricity supply with that generated from renewable sources.
  2. Eco Gas (Bio Methane), generated sustainably from the breakdown of organic waste materials.
  3. Standard and premium carbon offset options, focussing on climate, community and wildlife benefits.
  4. Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin (REGO).
  5. Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO).
  6. Eco-positive smart meters.

Gazprom Energy business tariffs and products

For both business gas and business electricity, Gazprom Energy offers 4 different types of contracts:

Fully Fixed Shield, Pass-Through True, Flexible Purchasing and Going Green.

While there are minor differences between their application depending on whether you've agreed to an electricity or gas contract, the contracts' constituent parts remain largely the same.

But what do they each entail?

Fully Fixed Shield

  • Unit price and standing charge remain constant for the entirety of your contract.
  • The flexibility to provide for businesses with multiple sites.
  • Long term contracts (12 months - 5 years) enable greater business certainty.
  • Free smart meters and/or automatic meter readers contribute towards consistently accurate bills.
  • Access to a Gazprom online portal account, making bill management simple and accessible.

Pass-Through True

  • Unit price and standard charge remain fixed.
  • Lower initial costs are required.
  • If third-party charges linked to your gas supply reduce, then your gas bill will reduce accordingly.
  • Long-term contracts (12 months - 5 years) provide more control over budgeting.
  • Free smart meters to produce accurate bills.
  • Access to a Gazprom online portal account.

Flexible Purchasing

  • Geared towards larger business customers.
  • Businesses can purchase energy in separate quantities.
  • With the aid of Gazprom's UK Energy Procurement Desk, customers can monitor fluctuations in the energy market and thus determine how much energy to purchase.
  • Automatic meter reads and accurate bills regardless of the complexity of your business structure.
  • Access to a Gazprom online portal account.

Going Green

  • Includes eco gas, renewable electricity, carbon offsetting and biodiversity contracts.
  • Said contracts be bought individually or as part of a larger energy agreement.

To find out more and compare Gazprom electricity rates to other providers, you can use our business electricity comparison tool.

Is Gazprom Energy the right business gas supplier for me?

When considering whether Gazprom Energy is the right supplier for you, there are many factors to consider.

To start, if you're a large business owner Gazprom is one of the most reliable and flexible gas providers - they are the UK's biggest gas production company and have a multitude of tariff and contract options available.

Furthermore, Gazprom's commitment to eco-gas, carbon offset and Going Green contracts will contribute to your business' positive image, help reduce its carbon footprint and protect it from current and projected green taxes such as the Climate Levy.

If you run a smaller business, Gazprom's fixed-rate contract can help you to avoid price fluctuations. Additionally, if you use more than 500,000 kWh of gas energy a year and hence find yourself paying over £8,000, you'll qualify for a bespoke plan which will help you manage and save your money.

Finally, Gazprom also deals in what it describes as "human energy". To you and me, this basically means that it prioritises customer satisfaction.

As a result of this, Gazprom is currently rated 4 out of 5 stars on the online business review site Trustpilot, where many customers have praised the speed at which the company provided statements when requested, along with the simple convenience of their online portal account.

Likewise, where negative reviews or complaints are placed, Gazprom has been demonstrably keen to address them as quickly as possible, reinforcing their "human energy" ethos.

All things considered, Gazprom is a good choice of gas supplier for the eco-minded business owner. It offers great flexibility and support for businesses of all sizes and is genuinely committed to transitioning to renewable energies.

However, as one of the biggest natural gas suppliers in Europe, there is still room for improvement.

Is it easy to switch from my current supplier to Gazprom Energy?

As with switching to any new energy company, the ease and pace of transition depend upon whether your contract with your current supplier is up for renewal.

If it is, you're good to go, and Gazprom has simplified the transfer process into 5 manageable steps:

Contact Gazprom by telephone or via the "Get A Quote" section on the companies website.

Once you've accepted a quote and contract with Gazprom, you'll need to fill out a basic registration form, following which Gazprom will start the process of your transfer.

While Gazprom prepares your transfer, you'll need to contact your present energy company via phone, website account or e-mail to inform them of your transfer and terminate your contract.

Once the transfer is confirmed, you'll receive a welcome pack from Gazprom detailing everything you need to know about your new service.

Finally, you'll need to submit an opening meter reading to ensure Gazprom can send you a correct invoice. You can do this by contacting customer service directly or utilising your new Gazprom online portal account.

The entire process usually takes a minimum of 15 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gazprom Energy specialises in providing energy to business customers of all shapes and sizes across the UK and Europe. As such, with its reach and range of flexible tariffs, it's likely Gazprom can indeed supply a competitive price to your business.

To find out for certain, head over to our supplier comparison tool, where you can compare quotes from all the UK business energy suppliers available to you in the UK.

Gazprom Energy's headquarters is in St Petersburg, Russia.

However, Gazprom does operate from a UK base located in the London borough of Richmond.

While Gazprom doesn't boast 100% renewable energy sources like other companies, such as Octopus Energy and Bulb, it does offer 100% renewable electricity, eco gas and carbon offsetting methods, among other positive environmental options.

Moreover, Gazprom is committed to proactively improving its sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. So, if you choose Gazprom to supply your energy, you can be confident that you are investing in a forward-thinking company that recognises that the future is green.

Gazprom Energy can absolutely help you manage your business' carbon footprint; perhaps most simplistically, through its online portal. Here you'll be able to monitor your billing, energy usage and overall carbon footprint.

The company's Going Green contract(s) can be used to help manage your business' carbon output further. Gazprom will purchase carbon credits on your behalf through these initiatives to offset the emissions generated by your energy usage.

Fundamentally, this involves your company's indirect investment in carbon-reducing projects worldwide, including tree planting and renewable energy generation.

The Going Green contracts are divided into 2 categories, Standard and Premium. Depending on your choice of plan, you'll be able to decide just how your carbon output is offset.

  • Focusses on climate benefits.
  • Reduction projects include wind, forestry and hydroelectric.
  • Supports verified projects in a variety of developing countries.
  • Gazprom will buy CER units on your behalf from the Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Focusses on climate, community and wildlife benefits.
  • Allows you to demonstrate Triple Gold sustainability steps to your stakeholders.
  • Supports verified carbon programme projects.
  • Support the preservation of the world's largest, privately funded Orangutan sanctuary.